Building Capacity of Institutions in Mainstreaming HIV in their Operations | Print |

AMFIU in collaboration with GIZ recently organized a refresher training workshop for HIV peer educators. This follows a survey conducted among AMFIU members regarding the implementation of HIV-related activities in their institutions. The workshop brought together focal persons for HIV-related questions and the people, who could fill that position in the future.

During the meeting the following questions were discussed:

  • Working as a peer-educator - How can you fight HIV/AIDS effectively?
  • What does a peer educator/focal person need for his/her work?
  • How to implement HIV-related activities in financial institutions in a sustainable way?
  • Why and how to implement a HIV-workplace-program?
  • Best practices for sensitization of the communities

The participants shared on HIV/AIDS in microfinance in Uganda presented by the AMFIU Development Advisor Birgit Haschke, working as a peer-educator Mercedes Mock from GIZ, best practices for sensitization at workplace and in the communities by Mercedes Mock from GIZ, how to implement HIV-related activities in Financial institutions in a sustainable way by Population Cares Uganda and contents of an HIV workplace policy.  

In addition participants had an opportunity to try out part of the GIZ-developed tools for the Join-in-circuit specifically Transmission of HIV and Living positively including the board-game about Protection.

The participants got ideas how to integrate such activities in their daily work and agreed that it would be very useful to create a group of trainers who can work together with the Join-in-circuit tool beyond the single institution and to have a network of conjoint support between peer educators.