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The Citigroup Foundation will once again support the 2011 Microentrepreneur Awards that is organised by AMFIU to promote the effective role that microfinance plays in poverty alleviation and the extraordinary contributions that individual microentrepreneurs have made to the economic stability of their families as well as their communities in Uganda.

The theme for this year is Entrepreneur Creativity & self sustainability. This is the 5th Citi Microentrepreneurs Award since 2006.

Microfinance institutions can send in applications for their two best clients who may also include a Woman or a person with disability taking into consideration the selection criteria that can be downloaded here.

Clearly provide a history or tracking of the client’s borrowing/saving, business growth, employment creation, sustainability, financial discipline, family impact and innovation/ creativity. Attach pictures/ photos for the entrepreneur’s business activity.

Forms can be downloaded from here

Meet Mr. Lukuta Simon Peter, Platinum winner 2010



In 2010 the highest category ward (Platinum) went to Mr. Lukuta Simon Peter, a person with disability and a client of Kitgum SACCO. Simon owns a Leather workshop and a skills training centre for those interested in learning. He operates 2 Business branches and employs 15 people. He earns 3 million monthly from his businesses. He has built his own operating centre to reduce on costs. He has acquired a motorbike to ease movement between the 2 branches and built a residential home for his family.