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Abstract: The Microfinance Banker is a professional journal that is published quarterly in April, July, October and January It acts as a vehicle for dissemination of appropr iate and t imel y information on issues of interest and concern to the Microfinance Industry. It also acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas and views among practitioners, researchers, donor s , scholar s and other interested parties. It is published jointly by the Microfinance Competence Centre (MCC) and the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (AMFIU).

Table of contents

  1. Editorial 3
  2. From the AMFIU Director 4
  3. From the MCC Programmes Manager 5
  4. AMFIU News 17
  5. MCC News 19
  6. Microfinance Information 24
  7. Echoes 34



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