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AMFIU Working papers

The working papers are topical researches published by AMFIU

Microfinance Banker

One of the industry’s most regarded publications, coming out quarterly


Singular extensive researches and publications on various topics, e.g. product development, risk management, sound practices, Tier 4 regulation, etc.

Consumer Education

AMFIU has long been aware of the fact that consumer financial education and protection are is some of the key issues to be addressed in order to create a thriving and stable microfinance industry in Uganda. Hence, AMFIU has been producing many publications, including booklets, posters, radio ads, manuals, etc.

AMFIU’s Microfinance Directory

AMFIU’s famous directory, containing information about the most advanced and reliable institutions

AMFIU’s Annual Reports

Each year AMFIU publishes a report on its activities and accounts for its funds. This is published in an annual report.

PMS reports

First reports were made available mid-2010

Performance Monitoring(PMT)

Institutions use this tool to generate reports which they submit to AMFIU on a monthly or quarterly basis