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AMFIU is a National network of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and related organization spread throughout Uganda. By December 2016 AMFIU had 117 members. The association is an independent institution enjoying full legal status and complete autonomy in administrative and financial matters. AMFIU was created mainly for the purpose of having a common voice to lobby government to provide a favorable policy environment; share information and experience; and to link up and network with both local and international microfinance actors. The association has the following objectives:

  • Enhance collective action by MFIs and other stakeholders for a conducive policy and regulatory environment for microfinance in Uganda.
  • Develop and strengthen system for information collection, analysis, and dissemination through databases, print and electronic media.
  • Strengthen the capacity of MFIs to deliver appropriate and sustainable financial services to the economically productive poor through co-ordination and organization of lateral learning workshops, thematic debates, exchange visits, and linkages with other organizations.
  • Develop and operationalise a Performance Monitoring System for MFIs that will help set standards and benchmarks as well as increase professionalism in the microfinance sub-sector.
  • Strengthen AMFIU’s secretariat to provide the required and mandated service to its members and the microfinance industry at large.